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Get Commercial Construction Services Tailored To Your Needs

We can build or renovate your building in Marcy & Utica, NY

Planning A New Commercial Construction Project?

Get excellent service from our construction company in Marcy & Utica, NY

There are a lot of details to keep track of when you're creating a new commercial building. You have to secure the land, gather materials and create a design. Richard E. Alexander Co. Inc provides commercial construction services in the Marcy & Utica, NY area and can make the process easier.

Our experienced construction company does everything when it comes to building. You can hire us to help with your design and trust our skilled team with everything from laying the foundation to installing the roof. We've provided commercial construction work for schools, government buildings, stores, offices, manufacturing facilities and colleges, so you can rest assured that we can complete your building properly.

Get commercial construction or public construction services, and store remodeling by contacting us today.

Join our impressive team

Richard E. Alexander Co. can offer excellent construction services because we employ a highly dedicated team. Whether you're looking for general labor work or own your own construction company, you can join us as a subcontractor and fill your schedule with commercial construction work. You can call us at your convenience to find out more about our current subcontractor jobs.

We can work on your current building, too

Maybe you're not ready to move out of your current space. You can hire our construction company to update your building with a new style and extra functionality. We can...


Provide store remodeling services to convert a retail space from one business to another


Take care of renovations for colleges, churches or commercial facilities


Expand your building with the brand-new addition you want

We've been serving central New York with commercial construction services for over 40 years. Partner with an experienced contractor for your construction project when you call 315-736-3300.

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